A clueless engineer who stumbled into the world of writing. A passionate writer who entered the realm of Marketing. Talk about getting swept off your feet! :)

A little bit of Shimmer but lots of Sparkle.

The Journey


A week after my induction at the campus-placed MNC, I knew I wasn’t meant to be a software engineer or coder.

Java wasn’t my cup of tea, stories were. I’d place a semicolon in a sentence and not at the end of a code.

Against all those whispers that labeled my decision as reckless & stupid, I quit my job within a fortnight. Utterly clueless about what to do next. I started scribbling to cope with the consequent criticisms and the uncertainty that laid ahead.

Two and a half years later, could I be anymore happier with where life took me! Now I write my bio as...

Once an engineer, then a discovered writer, and now a chuffed marketer

What I do day-in and day-out


The perfect blend of on-page & off-page in the SEO cocktail. Go organic all the way. Waltz with Google and rank your page #1 in SERP.

Content Marketing

Content needs to be heard. Seen. Utilized. Ergo, it needs a strategy. Spread your wings in the domain you reside in.

Product Marketing

What I do 5 days a week and at times during weekends. Give the product all the sparkle it needs.

Keyword Analysis & Strategy

First the tiny fish, then the great white. The world fights for the #1 spot. Sure, you’ll get there. But, go steady & smart.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Yuhoo! You’ve got a mail. Your boots may go out of trend but never email marketing. Click the ‘send’ button and roll out that campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Watch the world with an eagle’s eye. Seize the Moment Marketing opportunities to market your product. For me, it’s the beacon of creativity & opportunity.


The portal to my soul. The shredded Boomslang skin to my Polyjuice potion. When I add life to words and conjure a story I feel like a Hermione who makes the perfect magic potion!


Where it all began. Telling a story in under 10 words. Published in popular online Microfiction platforms such as Scribbled Stories & Scrawled Stories.

The One Where She Writes

Yep. You guessed it right. I’m a die-hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. So when it came to choosing a name for my scribble space, could I be any more obvious?


Tikku: The World’s Worst Best Dog

My four-legged bundle of joy! Er, that’s what you’d think. It’s more bundle of ‘mischief’


The Art of Fat Shaming

Expected Measurements: 32:22:32

Real Measurements: Confident: Fit: Beautiful


To do or not to do

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to do something which is not collectively done.


The UberMan

You need not have superpowers to be a superhero. We have superheroes amidst us who are in every sense ordinary humans. So what makes them extraordinary?


Neelufar & Aslam Khan

The size of a palm. White. Shivering. Lifeless. This is how we found him.


Maldives – Paradise?

The Maldives. The hotel hunting was indeed an unforgettable experience. Either it’s so expensive that it chokes you, or it’s less expensive and it still chokes you...



When I’m not writing or SEO’ing

For the sweet tooth in me

Prawns-perfect. Explosion of flavor

Shake a step, tap that tune!

The world’s worst best dog. Mine.

Can’t wait to pack my bags again.

What’s dinner without Chinese?